Hui Zhou Deng Feng Power Technolocy Co.,LtdWas established in August 2016, located in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, Huiyang District, the new town of long cloth village new slope alone hospital, the company registered capital of 5 million yuan, plant construction area of 8,000 square meters, the existing staff of 75 people.
    Since the establishment of the company, mainly for the sheet metal structure design and production supporting processing. Has been committed to the semiconductor equipment, stainless steel equipment, which mirror stainless steel processing has a special production line. Financial equipment, medical equipment, network applications and other fields supporting the production.
    The company's existing equipment mainly CNC punch, laser, CNC folding bed, gantry milling, robot welding, spraying lines, silk screen and electronic assembly line. At the same time the company improved the strict quality management system. Advanced supporting equipment and strict quality management system so that the company from the contract, delivery and quality to meet the diverse needs of the guests.
    At the same time, the company established a policy of sharing the results of the operation with customers and employees. In addition, the company continued to profit to the employees of the company and wrote it into the company's operating contract as a system. Consistent sharing system so that customers and employees of the company established a long-term trust, so that the growth of customer business and staff enthusiasm has been a better protection. In the process of long-term valet production and processing, the company has accumulated a wealth of practical experience, can provide customers with the design, sheet metal processing, gantry milling, welding, spraying, silk screen, assembly and other tests to the bulk production of the whole process of service The
    We will uphold: "the vision, the strength of all together, and jointly create" the idea of all efforts to create customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction and value!
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